1. Is the B2B Sales Program only for college graduates with sales experience or a sales/marketing degree?

    Absolutely not! If you’re soon-to-be or recently graduated with an undergraduate degree, tenacity, ambition, and the drive to help business customers find creative solutions, we want to see you apply.

  2. Where is training located?

    Our 16 week, immersive training course takes place in Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA.

  3. What kind of relocation support do you provide for the 16-week training?

    Moving across the country – or even across the state – can be an exciting and anxious time. That’s why we’ve come up with a couple of ways to help your transition with housing and relocation support.

  4. Housing

    We’ll share a list of properties in the area that past participants recommend - some of which offer preferred rates for AT&T employees – and we’ll also invite you to join our B2B Sales Program Facebook group where you can network with your future peers, get recommendations, and maybe even find your future roomie.

  5. Relocation Expenses

    As a program participant living more than 60 miles from your assigned training office – or as a program graduate moving to a role more than 60 miles away from your training office – you’ll qualify for some help offsetting those costs. You’ll learn more about the available bonuses and other qualifying factors during the hiring process. Relocation bonus payments are not made in advance and are taxed as a bonus.

  6. What kind of schedule will I work during the program?

    On average, 7:30am to 5:30pm, with homework as needed. “You snooze, you lose” was never more true than in sales! That doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of time for you to explore everything your host city has to offer – from top-notch sporting venues and outdoor recreation to world-class shopping and dining. You certainly won’t find a dull moment.

  7. Will I need transportation while living in the program? How about if I move into a B2B Sales Role?

    During the program, a vehicle is highly recommended for the most flexibility with meeting and event obligations. However, some candidates take advantage of public transportation. If you move to a B2B sales position, a vehicle will be required.

  8. Will I need to wear a full suit in this role?

    Everyone will need one business suit or dress for executive events requiring business apparel, otherwise our everyday style is a bit more classy and comfortable. When you come to training you’ll need skirts or dark pants (professional looking jeans and khakis), along with collared casual button-down shirts. You’ll also need shoes that are business professional.

  9. Where are the Internships located?

    We have offices nationwide. Opportunities will be available based on the position you apply for and the needs of the business.

  10. Can you tell me about your pay cycles?

    Management employees are paid on the 6th and 21st of each month.

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