Inside Stories

I owe the majority of my success at AT&T to the B2B Sales Program. It's provided me with the skills and resources I need to truly excel in a large corporate environment. Graduates are seen as future leaders, and considered closely for career advancement and progression within the company.

Alex, B2B Sales Program Graduate

The B2B Sales Program gave me the skills to become a successful businesswoman, a top performing sales person and a high-quality sales manager. Not to mention taught me how to effectively coach and develop a team. Within three years, I was able to successfully transition into a sales management role.

Desiree, B2B Sales Program Graduate

My experience in the military provided me with a can-do attitude, and a sense of pride in everything I do. While in the B2B Sales Program, I was able to take on various responsibilities that came natural for me. I would say that the military made me very adaptable and capable of managing my time.

Cody, B2B Sales Program Graduate

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