1. Is the Finance Program open to all majors?

    Since the program is designed for those interested in a finance track, the Finance Program is directed toward graduates who have a degree in finance, accounting, economics or other business-related disciplines.

  2. Are there a certain number of Finance Program participants each year?

    In order to ensure that all participants have an enriching experience, class size will vary from year to year depending upon the specific business needs of the AT&T Finance community.

  3. How are the Finance Program job rotations assigned?

    The rotations are designed to ensure a diversity of experiences, manage the career interests of participants and meet the critical needs of the business.

  4. Once in the program, how is the performance of Finance Program participants assessed?

    Participants are assessed and compensated on job performance and leadership competencies.

  5. What are the expectations of me as a Finance Program participant? Are there any standards that I must follow in order to continue participation in the program?

    The Finance Program is a program that requires a significant amount of time, commitment and personal focus from the participant. Also, the Finance Program participant must maintain a predetermined level of performance to continue in the program.

  6. The Finance Program requires geographic mobility — what does that mean?

    Finance Program participants must be mobile during the program, as rotations can be assigned in any AT&T location.

  7. How do I apply for the Finance Program?

    AT&T recruits at select college campuses around the country. Please see our college calendar to see if we will be on your campus so that you may meet with us in person. If you attend a school that we do not target, you may apply directly to the program online.

  8. What types of career options can I look forward to upon completion of the Finance Program?

    Upon successful completion of the program, participants are placed in a broad range of challenging AT&T finance positions.

  9. Does the Finance Program hire international students?

    The Finance Program accepts students who have an unrestricted right to work in the US on a permanent basis. Other career opportunities within AT&T may exist for international students.

  10. What benefits does AT&T offer?

    AT&T offers a comprehensive suite of benefits, including health, vision and dental insurance; a 401(k) savings plan; paid vacations and holidays; and much more.

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