1. How do I apply for the Leadership Development Program?

    AT&T recruits at select college campuses around the country. Please see our college calendar to see if we will be on your campus so that you may meet with us in person. If you attend a school that we do not visit, you may apply directly to the program online.

  2. Which AT&T division will I be interviewing with?

    The Leadership Development Program is a corporate-wide initiative. Candidates are recruited to participate in the program, not for immediate placement in a specific position or business unit. Our objective is to develop high-potential general managers with the capability of working in a wide array of core company operations.

  3. Does the Leadership Development Program hire international students?

    The Leadership Development Program accepts students who will not require sponsorship for an employment or work visa. Other career opportunities within AT&T may exist for international students.

  4. The Leadership Development Program requires geographic mobility. What does this mean and how will moving expenses be handled?

    The Leadership Development Program offers many job rotations across the domestic US, and program participants are offered opportunities to move to new cities with relocation benefits. Job assignment locations vary, and final decisions are made based on the needs of the business and the developmental opportunity for each individual. If a move is required, AT&T offers a robust relocation benefit package.

  5. What types of career options can I look forward to upon completion of the Leadership Development Program?

    The Leadership Development Program prepares graduates for positions with increased levels of responsibility and challenge. Graduates are advised to pursue line management roles where they will have the opportunity to manage large teams and further develop their supervisory skills. Line management experience is a critical success factor in reaching an executive manager role at AT&T. In fact, Leadership Development Program graduates have proven to progress at twice the rate of a standard manager at AT&T. Additionally, several AT&T Officers are graduates of the program.

  6. What benefits does AT&T offer?

    AT&T offers a comprehensive suite of benefits, including health, vision and dental insurance; a 401(k) savings plan; paid vacations and holidays; and much more.

  7. How will my performance be evaluated?

    Participants are formally evaluated by their supervisor three times during their initial assignment, and twice during each of their following assignments. Performance is measured in two facets: what was achieved (results) and how these results were achieved (leadership). Participants also receive feedback from the Leadership Development Program staff and other mentors.

    AT&T is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive full and fair consideration for employment.

  8. How are job rotations assigned?

    Job rotations will be selected for participants based on their previous experience, with an emphasis on providing opportunities to continue to enhance leadership skills and gain exposure to growth areas of the business.

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