Inside Stories

The Engineering & Operations Program is designed for college graduates to pursue their career goals and expand their leadership skills. As a Wireless Translations Engineer, I'm learning about the evolution of wireless communication — from 2g to LTE.

Nakul, Engineering & Operations Development Program Participant

I've learned how to transition from the classroom to the corporate environment, and how to step out of the box. This program has given me a chance to gain knowledge about the world's #1 network, learn about new technologies and grow into becoming an innovator.

Alicia, Engineering & Operations Development Program Graduate

Being a student athlete prepared me for this program by teaching me to be a team player. I have the drive to compete at the highest possible levels, perform under pressure and take constructive criticism when needed. All of these traits are commonly shared among student athletes, and without a doubt have helped me to get where I am today.

Sequoyah, Engineering & Operations Development Program Graduate

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