Inside Stories

The TDP program is built as a place for growth. As someone who came in with a mixed background of art and computer science, there were some holes in my knowledge that I wanted the opportunity to fill in. TDP allows you to set aside time for training, and I’ve been getting my hands on all kinds of topics. Additionally, in my spare time I’m working on an Udacity Nanodegree, which AT&T reimburses after completion. I’m loving the chance to learn while having the chance to put what I’m learning to practical use. There’s no better way to gain skills!

Miranda, Software Development Program Technologist

Deciding to join the Technology Development Program has been one of the best decisions. I have had the opportunity to grow not only through my work but also through the interactions with my peers and leaders. Looking back at who I was when I started my career compared to how I’ve changed as a professional motivates me to continue developing through this program.

Rukshinie, Software Development Program Technologist

TDP-SD is the best development program you can be a part of. My favorite moment so far working in TDP-SD, was honestly, my first day. It was my first time ever seeing inside the AT&T building…I couldn’t believe everything I was now a part of.

Grant, Software Development Program Technologist

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