Inside Stories

I had two internships. During that time, I not only learned what the company culture of AT&T was all about, but I was able to be a contributor. I was taught the ins and outs of our business and these are skills that I know will carry me throughout my career. Without this experience I would not have had any idea what technical management was. Through this, I was able to step into my full-time position and hit the ground running.

— Justin

The internship was an exceptional stepping-stone towards my career. I was able to work with AT&T engineers on various projects. My supervisors provided the guidance, tools and constant feedback that challenged and developed me personally and as an employee. Regardless of the path you wish to follow, an AT&T internship will help get you there!

— Omar

My internship was very hands-on, supportive, and challenging. I was able to experience how the media, news and external communications affect the brand, our customers and stakeholders. The dedication from senior leadership to get us involved in different projects really opened my eyes to a variety of functions.

— Blake

My internship experience with AT&T last summer was one of a kind! It gave us the full experience of an AT&T professional.

— Crystal

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