Program Information

This program can mean big things for your future – as well as the future of our company. In your first assignment as a sophomore you’ll be immersed in AT&T culture while you explore the first of many opportunities available around here. From marketing and corporate roles to customer service and project management, your assignments will vary year to year with the goal of stretching your experience level and exposing you to all aspects of running a world-class business.

As you successfully progress through the annual AT&T Summer Internship Program rotations, you’ll find opportunities to align more closely with your career path and studies, increasing your chance to gain real world exposure with each step. The ultimate goal is to set you up for an amazing career with AT&T after graduation. For us, this ensures our next generation of leaders is prepared to hit the ground running from day one.

Looking for an adventure along the way? Each year your assignment has the possibility to take you to a new location in one of our major hubs around the nation. It’s our way of broadening your view of the company and giving you another amazing summer experience to write home about. Now, that’s a win-win situation.

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