1. Who is eligible to apply?

    The AT&T Finance Internship program is open to 1st year Masters/MBA students currently enrolled at a four-year US college/university or accredited graduate program.

  2. How long is the Internship?

    Generally, summer internships are a minimum of 10 weeks in length

  3. Are Internships paid?

    Yes — you will be paid according to market conditions for the industry selected. You will also be eligible for full-time benefits during your service at AT&T. Some benefits are based upon the amount of net credited service. In addition, you may be eligible for enrolling in internal training classes offered by the company.

  4. How do I apply for an Internship?

    AT&T recruits at select college campuses around the country. Please see our college calendar to see if we will be on your campus so that you may meet with us in person. If you attend a school that we do not visit, you may apply directly to the program online.

  5. Am I guaranteed employment with AT&T upon graduation?

    AT&T considers various factors to determine eligibility for full-time employment after graduation. Such factors include your performance ratings and the availability of positions that align with your background.

  6. Can the Internships be taken for credit?

    Since the policies of all schools and universities vary, you should contact your school's registrar and inquire about the particular rules of that school.

  7. What departments are interns assigned to work in?

    Internships are offered in many different areas of corporate finance, including financial analyst positions in our business units. Duties and responsibilities can include specific project related work, as well as designing financial models, planning and results reporting, analyzing business cases, budgeting, etc.

  8. How many hours per week are interns scheduled?

    Summer Internships are a full 40-hour schedule.

  9. Where are the Internships located?

    We have offices nationwide. Opportunities will be available based on the position you apply for and the needs of the business.

  10. I'm a foreign national and will require sponsorship if a full-time offer of employment is extended.

    The Finance Internship accepts students who have an unrestricted right to work in the US on a permanent basis. Other career opportunities within AT&T may exist for international students.

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