What is an AT&T Women in Technology Mobile App Hackathon

  1. Who attends hackathons?

    Anyone curious about application development or interested in launching a startup.

  2. Are the AT&T #WIThack hackathons open to men?

    Absolutely.  Our Women in Tech Hackathons are open to both women and men.  There are special prizes for all-women teams and women-led teams. 

  3. How are the AT&T WIT Hackathons different from other hackathons?

    Our Women in Tech hackathons include a complimentary hands-on coding workshop that will show you how to build natural language processing, messaging, and advertising in your mobile app.

What to Expect From a Hackathon

  1. What is the usual itinerary for the hackathon?

    The itinerary is always on the Eventbrite page. In general, the hackathon will start in the evening. The event kicks off with networking; dinner and drinks will be served and the attendants can get to know each other.  At 7PM the event introduction begins.  In the second hour teams will be formed and developers can pitch their ideas. Developers can work through the night if they wish, at the venue if it is open or another location of their choice. The next day the hacking will continue all day, spaced out with breakfast and lunch. In the evening, teams will present their applications to the judges, who will deliberate, select and present prizes to the winners.

  2. How are teams selected?

    Developers choose their own teams on Friday night. There will be time to mingle around dinner and drinks and to share pitches. Developers may choose their teammates based on any criteria they want, whether it be skill level or similar vision. The amount of members per team is not limited. A person may also choose to act alone or have a team member offsite working together virtually. Team members may come together or separate at any point before they submit their applications.

  3. What kind of resources are available to attendees?

    We make sure technical support is onsite and that tables, chairs, power and wifi is all there. The attendees need to bring their own computer and power supply.

  4. What is the judging process? Who has the most power in choosing the winning app?

    The judges will discuss their own opinions on which team should win and why. But the lead sponsor has the final say.

  5. What is the judging criteria?

    Apps will be judged based on the criteria below and weighted accordingly.

    • 33% Weight - Ability to clearly articulate what your app does
    • 33% Weight - Originality of idea
    • 33% Weight - Use of new frameworks/technologies

Getting Prepared for the Hackathon

  1. How can the developers prepare for the event? What should they bring?

    Developers should bring their own computer as there won’t be any available for use on site. They can bring their own food and drinks although those will be provided. Also, some venues allow the event to continue through the night, but if there is a closing time at the event, developers from out of town should have overnight arrangements made.

  2. How can I network to form a team?

    There is time allotted before the hackathon begins for networking and group formation. Additionally, once lightning talks have completed, event organizers will offer the opportunity for idea pitches and help facilitate additional team formation.

  3. What are the parameters of what the team should design?

    A team can design any type of mobile application they want with any code. There may be sponsors who offer specific prizes for teams who place with their API, and some teams may have requirements that have to do with the theme or sponsors. Those requirements will be described on the Eventbrite.

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