AT&T Veterans Employee Resource Group

Our Employee Resource Groups support AT&T’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the marketplace, and the community. The largest of our resource groups is AT&T Veterans. It was established to support our veteran employees as well as the many veterans in the communities where AT&T employees live and work. The organization serves as a platform for AT&T to work through our veteran initiatives.

Learn more about how we support our military employees, veterans and their families in the video message to the right on this page.

Group Missions

We actively participate in mentoring programs for transitioning military and continuously work to provide support for active military serving in combat zones. Through Operation Home Front, we sent over 1,200 care packages to troops between Memorial Day and Christmas of 2010. We also collect items and contribute funds to veterans’ homeless shelters. Every year, AT&T Veterans awards several thousand dollars to student veterans via the AT&T Veterans Scholarship.

Member Benefits

As a member of AT&T Veterans, you’ll have immediate access to a network of fellow service members who provide a constant source of camaraderie and mentorship. Many members also provide career advice and mentorship at Military Career Fairs, as well as through the AT&T Careers for Veterans Job Search Advisor Program.

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